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  • Testimonials

    Lisa T.

    “Rich worked on me a few days ago. As he worked on me I could feel my legs tingling and I had a sense of feeling lighter almost immediately. I have been having huge mood swings lately and have been dealing with some pretty heavy health issues which left me feeling some what hopeless and depressed. Almost immediately after Rich finished working on me I had a sense of relief, like everything will be ok if I can just trust in that truth. Over the last few days I have continued to feel that way and my mood swings seem to be leveling off. I definitely feel like his worked helped me emotionally in a big way which I know will have a lasting effect physically. He is patient, observant, kind and gentle.”

  • Testimonials

    Nick K.

    “I completed an energy healing session with Rich last week. I've been in therapy and other similar kinds of things, but nothing related to energy healing. Needless to say, I was interested when Rich told me about his experience with energy healing and it's efficiency and effectiveness. I was skeptical, for sure, but definitely excited to give it a try.
    I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the session went. Rich was definitely knowledgeable about the practice and explained to me what he was doing at each step, and the overall goal of energy healing. I appreciated that I didn't feel like I was faking anything, and how comfortable Rich made me feel just being present for the session.
    Within the session, we identified several areas of my life that definitely needed healing. It was good to see that Rich was accurate in identifying these things - many were areas of my life I knew I needed to work on (like inadequacy and insecurity), while others (such as finance), I hadn't previously considered too much. I was also physically ill at the time of the session and we discussed some things related to healing physically. Reading the affirmations was simple and I was able to participate without any issues at all.
    The past few days have certainly been good for me, and though I can't say for sure it's all due to the energy healing, I feel like it's played a part. I definitely left the session feeling better than before I went, and felt rejuvenated going into the week. I would certainly recommend a session with Rich to others.”

  • Testimonials

    Elisa H.

    “I wanted to tell u that I feel great after our energy healing. I am so much clearer and freed up. My stomach was upset the next day like it was clearing out toxins which is typical for me. My mind hasn't been running in circles and I've been able to be a lot more productive and most of all, I feel good! Thank you so much for the session!”

  • Testimonials

    Travis H.

    “Richard was very Knowledgeable and educating during my healing session. He explained each step of the process to me as we progressed through the session. All my questions were answered in a professional and genuine manner which made me feel comfortable knowing I was in good hands. I felt the session was beneficial as i noticed a sense of weight being lifted from my body. I will certainly go back again and would recommend Richard to anybody who is interested in having energy healing work done.”

  • Testimonials

    Valerie J.

    “I received an energy healing session from Rich and it was a very positive experience. I was very comfortable with him and his techniques and he helped me to feel very at ease during the session. He accurately pinpointed and worked on several areas in my life where I was struggling. After the session, I felt as if a great weight had been lifted. There was much peace and a sense of calm relaxation which was not there when I walked in the door. I also appreciate the greater awareness of harmful patterns and beliefs in my life that I can now see and work towards changing.
    It is a pleasure to know Rich, not only as a client of his healing practice, but also on a personal level. I see how he practices spiritual principles and applies right action in his daily life. It is important to him to understand and help people who are suffering. He regularly displays genuine empathy and concern for the well being of others. I wholeheartedly recommend and trust Rich Sherman as a practitioner of Energy Healing.”

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